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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 at 11:00 starts now. a toddler recovers after a near fatal fall. the details of that fateful day. >> i saw a body suspended in the water. >> that toddler is still in the hospital. a team of brave firefighters saved his life. >> everyone fell into their roles. >> reporter: the boy was
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visiting his great grandmother who took the child fishing. the boy fell into the water and got stuck in a drainage tunnel before his great grandmother and a good samaritan jumped in into save him. she got in the water searching for him. >> he would be in this one area. when i dove down it was muddy and murky. i grabbed cloth that was not attached to the child. they said he was wearing a white t shirt. i saw something floating under
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the road. i grabbed, and it was him. >> reporter: it took 45 seconds to locate him and get him into an am ambulance. he wasn't showing signs of life until he arrived at the hospital. because of these firefighters the outlook is good. >> we heard he is doing well. i know we gave him the best possible outcome. >> reporter: in vallejo. kron4news. 130,000 passengers. how they are fairing after post-
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thanksgiving travel. >> this year has been smooth coming and going. >> it was good. i slept most of it. >> reporter: the curb side drop off was long. >> i came from chapman university in orange. >> denver. school. >> reporter: once people board they have too much company. >> the planes are fuller. they don't have as many spare seats. >> they couldn't for the price they paid have any control over where they sat. >> reporter: there are reasons to be thankful. >> my flight has been good and on time. >> the security was quick.
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>> no traffic. left in sunny weather. so far so good. one man is dead after selling an electric device on line went wrong at bay shore boulevard. a suspect shot and robbed the victim. no description is available. federal investigators are investigating a train detrailment in new york. they are checking if speed, mechanical problems were an issue. >> reporter: the train jumped the tracks shortly after 7:00 sunday morning. >> there was a whooshing sound
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like a plane crash. >> reporter: 100 miles north of new york city. two train cars are flipped on their sides. this photo shows what one passenger saw from inside. >> during the crash i was nodding off. i opened my eyes to real ice realize what was going o on. i was immediately aware of what went on, and i rode out the crash. >> the accident was feet away from the harlem river. victims were taken to local hospitals. >> we have one with a very bad
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elbow fracture and a knee fracture. there is a person with a spine fracture. everyone's condition is evolving. >> reporter: in july a freight train derailed. investigators are not saying whether those incidents are related. in new mexico a train derails. the victims were train operators. the cause of that is under investigation. they had to wait for pg&e to take care of a lose wire. >> there were big flames coming out. my neighbor was spraying houses
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with a house. my uncle got people out of their houses. >> the cause of that fire is under investigation. >> reporter: we are wrapping up a nice weekend. things will change dramatically this week. cold weather is on its way. it will push into the bay and valleys tonight. we will have upper 30s and 40s. clouds will clear out. look for the clouds to increase in the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler. highs will be low to mid-50s. when that weather system goes by another 5 to 10 degrees of
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cooler. more later on. coming up on kron4news at 11:00. fast and furious fans mourning paul walker. the people remembering a teen killed by authorities. santa asking for help this holiday season. how you can aid him in making a child's wish come true.
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as the little ones prepare letters to santa, making kids wishes come true, there is a letters to santa program. there are participating post offices. they will mail the present to the child. the return address will be operation santa.
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it runs until december 19th. new meaning to home delivery, the latest door to door method that could be taking to the skies. world aids day.
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law makers are considering building a memorial park for a
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slain teenager and a task force. the teen was shot while walking with a gun in a neighborhood. in the bay area aids live life cycle put on a bicycle race. >> it's too easy to assume that because people are not dying on a daily basis and obviously that aids is not a big deal anymore. there are 40 million people in the world living with hiv. that is 40 million too many. >> the event calls for an end
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to the discrimination. people are living with hiv and only 7 million have access to treatment. the administration had a deadline for signing up. a warn while the website is running smoother, users could face error messages and slow performance times. san francisco got to play santa. 2500 people took part in the run wild 5k. they donated toys for kids in need over the holidays.
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they ran in santa hats. >> it makes the kids happy. it will give them a lot of joy. there are a lot of people in need. >> do you feel you got to play santa today? >> absolutely. >> organizers say they will fill two fire trucks with toys. >> reporter: there is a lot of sunshine around the bay but things will change tomorrow. live view, i was watching the flag. it is flowing a bit. winds are picking up. skies are mostly clear. there is an off shore pushing. washington and oregon has been in this weather pattern with wind out of hawaii.
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it has been on the warm side, but there will be a change. after the storm we will get winds out of the north from canada into the bay area. that will set the stage for cool day and cold nights. we could have a prolonged stretch of freezing. tomorrow morning we will have clouds early. sunshine most of the day but then clouds will increase in the afternoon. mostly cloudy by evening. we will see sprinkles from the north to the late evening. this thing really has no moisture left, but after it passes things will clear out and cool down. tomorrow relatively mild, low to mid-60s with clouds and
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sunshine. look at the week ahead. wednesday, thursday, friday sunshine, highs in the low to mid-50s. starting in the mid-20s, we could have a prolonged stretch with freezing temperatures. authorities say speed was a factor in the death of actor paul walker, the 40-year-old from the fast and furious movies. 500 people turned out in milpitas for a car meet. the organizer said it was put together at the last minute. walker was a role model and an easy person to root for. >> we all want that life, and
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it is a part of us. i loved him as an actor. he had a big impact on me when i heard he passed away. >> walker was filming the 7th installment. people in santa clarita were bringing flowers. he is survived by his 15-year- old daughter. amazon homes to have unmanned drones deliver packages to your door step. the drones will be ready in 4 to 5 years. they can carry packages up to 5 pounds. 90% of the packages they
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deliver weigh less than that. jays jason has all the football and the warriors after the break.
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. >> welcome back the rams felt
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pretty good about themselves. they were 2 and 0, jawing with the 9ers before the game. here is the highlight of the game, kaepernick to davis. he leaped over the defender, a 6'3" man hurdling over a 5'10". kaepernick and bolden start hooking up. 9 catches on the day for 98 yards. gore will purch punch it in. 15 touchdowns and 15 career games. 9ers up 13-0. boman is there and then crabtree 60-yard completion, the longest to a
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receiver. he is taken down at the 20. he joked he should have scored. 9ers failed to score there. the fake punt on the 20-yard line, the 9ers say no, that will not work. very next play, cap vernon davis, a jump over the goal post. 9ers win. they are up 8 and 4. seattle plays tomorrow. that will be a big game here. peyton manning, another 5 touchdown 400-yard performance.
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crying during the anthem. eric decker, 5 on the day, 41 touchdowns this year with 4 games to go. alex smith, it is incomplete. they improved to 10 and 2. an nfl record. career high in sacramento. thompson has 28 points, 24 of them coming from downtown. look at curry. he was the player of the game. the steal, he pulls it out. that is a lay up. 5 3-pointers and 10 assists. thompson has his 8th 3 pointer. demarcus causing a hook shot to tie the game.
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24 points in 20 minutes. the kings can tie here? the game saving swat. they win 115-113 up in sacramento. sports night live, gary sits down with this brand new show with debates thursday the 5th at 9:00 p.m. check out our facebook page. we will read comments on the air thursday. all right. that's it. see you later, everybody. >> sounds like a great show. feeling like december. >> it will be in a couple days. cold temperatures, 50s during the day, 20s and 30s at night. >> wow.
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i bet it is really cold in los gatos. stay tuned at see you in the morning.
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